Damiana (Turneradiffusa Damiana)
This low-growing plant comes with fragrant leaves and yellow flower. It can be found in subtropical climates like southern Texas, the Caribbean, South and Central America, and Mexico. It has served as medicine since the time of the Mayans and as bladder tonic and aphrodisiac for centuries due to the fact that it aids oxygen supply and blood flow, as well as nerve impulses to the penis.
Epimedium Leaf Extract (Horny Goat Weed)
This plant is not called the “horny goat weed” for nothing. It comes from the ‘Berberidaceae’ botanical family. The plant contains some chemicals compounds called flavonoids and this chemical compounds have some antioxidant properties as well as phytoestrogens whose effects are similar to that of estrogen. This phytoestrogen is also called epimediumicariin and it has some natural pathway through which it blocks body enzyme. The epimediumicariin helps the body to transfer Nitric Oxide which helps the body increase its testosterone production!
Asian Red Ginseng
Here’s another thing our ancestors got right! Ginseng has existed for thousands and thousands of years. It was actually discovered to be an aphrodisiac by shen-Nung, the emperor of China in 3500 BC. Shen-Nung, who is also known as “the father of Chinese medicine” once stated that the feeling he experienced when taking Ginseng was “warm and sexually pleasurable”.
Muira Pauma Bark Extract (erection root
Tribes across Brazil have used this plant for years, particularly as aphrodisiacs. Dr. Jacques Waynberg conducted a study using 262 men undergoing this particular problem in 1994, and the results of the study was overwhelmingly clear. About 62% of them stated that the extract had “a dynamic effect” on them, while 51% stated that the herb helped boost their desires and libido.
Hawthorn Berry
This fruit has some essential properties that can boost sexual health. They’re great for the cardiovascular system, strengthen blood vessels, help lower cholesterol and provide support for the heart muscles. They have a lot of bioflavonoids and antioxidants that help stimulate the flow of blood to the penis, while helping to prolong and maintain erections!
Catuaba Bark Extract
This herb is also indigenous to South America. It can be found in Peru and Brazil and is used to boost sexual appetite and desire in men. There are three alkaloids in this herb. The alkaloids are known as “catuabine A, B and C” and they reduce fatigue, eliminate nervousness and aid sleep, thereby enhancing sexual function.
Saw Palmetto
This fan palm can be found in North America and is mainly located close to the coasts of the Eastern Gulf. Saw palmetto has a huge hormonal effect on testosterone pathways and has been used to treat sexual problems for years. Though we’re still not quite clear on how it works, however there’s been sufficient evidence of its capabilities over the years to make it a force to reckon with in the production of VigRX Plus.
Ginkgo Biloba
This is another popular ancient Chinese herb with really strong antioxidant properties that enhance nerve functions by boosting the flow of blood to the nervous system and brain. Increased blood flow has a great effect on the quality of erection. And The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has stated that Ginkgo Biloba, is great for the enhancement of sexual prowess.
Black pepper has always been a feature in traditional herbal medicine. We recently discovered that the pungent part of black pepper called Piperine, has a very dramatic effect on your body’s reaction to other spices and herbs. Piperine and Bioperine in particular assist the body to absorb some essential minerals and nutrients in a very efficient manner. Adding Bioperine to the herbs and compounds will help your body process about 40% more, which gives you the necessary long-term boost you need to recoup your stamina and sexual prowess.

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