VigRX Plus has been specifically designed to use on the highest quality of ingredients that are completely natural and safe to be taken orally. They are designed to kickstart the body into allowing greater blood flow around the body. We would always recommend that if you have suffered from heart related problems in the past that you check with your doctor to ensure you are able to use the products safely. We cannot really comment as we do not know your medical history.

We are happy to provide any additional information to your medical practitioner that is required.

At the moment we are offering free shipping on all of our VigRX products to all of our customers in UK. This does not matter where in the country you are, and we expect from the point of despatching your order that it will take around six days to arrive. In some circumstances due to distance this may take longer.

At the point of confirming your order you will receive an email from us indicating your order number, please use this for all correspondence with us so that we can quickly find out what you have ordered and where in the country you are. If you do not receive an email then please check your spam folder to see if it has been placed in there. When you ask a question you will receive an email when a member of staff replies, but you will also receive a case number that you can use on our company’s main contact portal to check to see if we have replied.

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